Evidence Of Damages: What Victims Should Know

If you already know the other driver caused your accident, then you now must figure out how much you are owed. Damages is the term you will hear used by your personal injury lawyer when discussing that issue. Each accident is unique, and your damages will be too. What you might not stop and think about is that you must show proof of your damages if you want to be paid for them. Read on and learn more about how you can help your personal injury lawyer add up your damages by providing them with the documentation needed to prove them. 

The Accident Report – This may also be known as a police report. This form is filled out at the scene of the accident by law enforcement. It's not just an important source of information about the parties involved in the accident and their contact information, though, it is also about their insurance policy information and that is key. The most important part of the accident report, however, is a summary of what occurred. The officer may interview witnesses, the other driver, you, passengers, and medical personnel and that helps them form an opinion as to what caused the accident. They also are trained to observe skid marks, the location of damage to the vehicles, and more. That results in a conclusion as to who was at fault. Why is this so important? Because you won't be able to be paid any damages if you end up being at fault for the accident.

Your Medical Records – Your medical treatment after an accident is vital. You must seek medical treatment and follow your doctor's orders. You will be allowing your personal injury lawyer to ask for your records from the doctors, hospitals, diagnostic testing facilities, and more. These records form your proof of injuries and of your pain and suffering.

Your Employment Information – You should not have to miss income from a job because of a careless driver. Gather pay stubs or statements and give them to your lawyer. You may also use bank statements or income tax returns to prove your rate of pay. Keep good records of all time missed from your job.

Vehicle Damage Estimates – If your vehicle can be repaired, get an estimate of the damages to your lawyer as soon as possible.

To learn more about gathering the proof you need of your damages, speak to a personal injury lawyer soon.

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Evidence Of Damages: What Victims Should Know
24 March 2022
If you already know the other driver caused your accident, then you now must figure out how much you are owed. Damages is the term you will hear used