Key Reasons To Put An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney On Retainer

It can be easy to assume a car wreck will not have that many resulting legalities. After all, the responsible party should accept blame for what happened and pay for your expenses. 

However, depending on what actually happened, the question of who is to blame and what insurer must pay can linger for weeks or months. You can protect yourself from incurring blame and paying for undue liabilities by hiring an experienced auto accident attorney to represent you.

Pinpointing the Rightful Party

When you have an auto accident attorney on retainer for your case, you can find out exactly whom is to blame for what happened. The other involved motorist or motorists may deny any part of what took place leading up to and during the wreck. They may try to blame you for what occurred in a bid to avoid paying for your damages.

However, your auto accident lawyer can investigate the wreck and find out the facts of the case. He or she can obtain copies of the accident reconstruction and police reports. He or she can also subpoena dash cam footage and film from surveillance videos to prove that you are not to blame and bear no part of your own damages. 

Filing Claims

Once your auto accident attorney can prove who is to blame for the wreck, he or she can assist you in filing insurance claims. The responsible insurer may hesitate to pay out your damages. It may try to convince you to shoulder some of the expenses on your own or refuse to pay your claims entirely.

Your auto accident attorney, however, can file a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary, to convince the insurer to pay out your claims. He or she can make sure you are fully compensated for all of the damages you are owed. You may avoid having to make a claim against your own insurance or paying for your damages yourself.

Settling Out of Court

Finally, an auto accident attorney can settle your case out of court if you prefer to avoid a lengthy trial. He or she can negotiate with the insurance companies and secure you a sum that may fairly compensate you for your physical, monetary and punitive damages.

An auto accident attorney can provide critical benefits to wreck victims. He or she can pinpoint the liable party or parties, assist with insurance claims and settle your case out of court if necessary.

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