Taking Legal Action For A Job Injury

When people go to work each day, the last thing on their mind is that they will get hurt during their shift, especially when performing simple tasks. However, no matter how simple a job may be, it is possible to get injured during a shift at work. For example, the injury can stem from slipping and falling due to damaged flooring materials, or even from pieces of a water-damaged ceiling falling down. When injured in such situations, it is possible that an employer can be held responsible and have to provide compensation to their employee. If you were injured at work and think that your employee may be liable, contacting a job site accident lawyer to schedule a consultation is wise.

Does Your Employer Accept Liability?

The flow of your lawsuit against your employer will depend on how cooperative your employer is in the situation. At your consultation, a lawyer will asks questions about your employer in regards to whether or not they claim liability for your injury and if you were already offered compensation. Keep in mind that even if you were offered compensation, filing a lawsuit might be more ideal than accepting the offer. For example, if the offer is lower than you feel is deserved, a lawyer can determine if you should demand more money or not. A lawyer can make an attempt to get you a settlement for more money via mediation, which means that you might be able to avoid going to court.

Do You Require Time Off to Heal?

Getting injured at work can lead to the need for time off work, such as if you injure a limb and need to avoid putting too much pressure on it. Sometimes even mental healing is necessary to recover, as psychological health can interfere with the ability to properly perform a job. Did you ask your employer if you can take time off from work but they denied the request? A lawyer can include such a situation in your lawsuit to make sure you are paid properly. Compensation might include mental distress, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Have You Already Paid Medical Expenses?

Medical expenses are sometimes due upfront when getting treated for an injury, such as the copay amount for someone with health insurance. A lawyer can help you get compensation for fees that you have already paid for medical expenses. All other medical expenses that are expected to result from treating your job injury will also be included in the lawsuit.

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