How Have You Been Damaged By An Accident?

Car accidents can cause far-reaching effects for those injured by the carelessness of another driver. While the physical injuries are difficult enough to cope with, the damage to your pocketbook may just pile on the misery. If you are hit and hurt by another driver, you should be paid a sum of money that not only addresses your injury but your financial losses as well. Read on to find out about the money many accident victims are owed.

Loss of Income

It may not take much to ruin a family's budget after an accident. Many workers don't have benefits and when they don't work they don't get paid. Even those that do get paid time-off are losing precious job perks if they have to use their sick leave and vacation hours to attend to accident needs. Accident victims should be paid for all time missed from work due to medical treatment needs and dealing with transportation issues and should be reimbursed for all paid time-off used. It should be noted that most insurers don't pay you for this form of damage and you must take legal action to get that money.

Vehicle Needs

It's difficult to get by for very long if you don't have a vehicle. If your vehicle was damaged or totaled in the wreck, you need fast action to have it repaired or to be paid for a replacement. While you are waiting for the damage determination, you should be paid for a rental car and reimbursed for any public transportation needs. Some insurers drag their feet when it comes to this type of damage and you may need to get a personal injury attorney involved before they will stop delaying and denying your claim.

Medical Expenses

Most insurers pay for common medical needs and treatment but may delay paying claims. As most know, medical costs are exorbitant for even an emergency room visit or a simple diagnostic test. You do not want to be billed for procedures the at-fault driver's insurance carrier should have paid. Medical facilities are not known for their patience your account could be sent to collections. When your credit is damaged, that damage can cause you financial distress for a long time. Instead, contact a personal injury lawyer if the insurer is playing games with your medical claims.

Pain and Suffering

This final category of money damages is loosely based on your medical expenses. Those who suffer from severe injuries will likely rack up thousands in medical treatment costs. You can be paid for your pain and suffering to the tune of several times those thousands of dollars of medical expenses but you must speak to an attorney before it's too late.

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