Your Passenger Was Injured In A Car Wreck: Why Hire An Attorney

When you get into a car accident and you aren't injured but your passenger is, you may want to get a lawyer whether you are responsible for the accident or not. Legal assistance is the safest way to go as your case gets settled, especially if serious injury occurred. Here are reasons you want to get a lawyer if your passenger is injured in a car wreck.

You can get sued

What if your passenger decides to sue you for their injuries, loss of work, and other damages? This can happen, especially if your auto insurance company denies your passenger full compensation for their injury, you've been found at fault for the accident, or the party that is at fault for the wreck doesn't have adequate insurance to cover the costs. As the driver of the vehicle, you can be found liable for the damages sustained in the crash, which can leave you financially responsible for your passenger's injuries as well.

To avoid getting sued and losing your home, other assets, and be left financially in ruins, hire a lawyer to be on the safe side. In the event the passenger does come after you for money, you can refer them to your legal representative to discuss their needs or legal moves.

You can face charges

If your passenger was underage, you can face charges of child endangerment related to your accident, particularly if you are found at fault for the accident. If you were inebriated, under the influence of medications, or taking illegal drugs at the time of the accident, whether you were at fault for the wreck or not, you can also be charged with a multitude of charges when a passenger gets hurt.

Protect yourself by being honest with your lawyer about your situation. This way, should any charges be coming your way from the court system, you can have your attorney ready to plead your case, fight for you, and prove that you did not cause the accident or create any type of situation where your passenger should have been hurt.

A car accident that involves an injury to another person in your car can lead to a serious legal consequence. If you aren't prepared, you can face jail time, fines, get sued, or have other measures taken against you. Hire an auto accident attorney, even if the injuries are minor, so you can have the legal protection you need.

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