Suing Your Abuser As An Adult

As a child molestation victim and survivor that has become a young adult, you are likely to still live with the effects of the trauma you experienced. You may want to see your abuser pay for their crime and think about suing them. However, you may have many questions and feelings about legal action. Consider these specific details if you would like to sue your abuser as a young adult.

Don't Assume You're Late

One factor giving you pause is that, because the abuse has ended, you don't think you've got any legal standing. Fortunately, many locations have enabled adults to sue on their own behalf for the molestation they experienced in younger years.

All jurisdictions are different, so for particular information regarding your case, you'll need a lawyer to explain any time limits. Even if you're no longer free to seek criminal charges that will land your abuser in prison, your attorney can assist you with civil suits that could bring you financial compensation for their actions.

You Can Avoid Your Real Name

Your hesitance to sue could be related to your own privacy. You may not have shared childhood horrors with many people, if anyone. You might not want people to find out and ask you questions or otherwise make you uncomfortable.

However, courts allow victims to choose aliases instead of their real names. A fake name can stand in for your own throughout the case and any trial.

Consider Action Against Institutions and Organizations

If your abuser was in an authority position hired by a church, school, club, or other organization, you may have the right to also sue that institution. Organizations are not immune to lawsuits if they employed abusers and failed to protect children like you that were entrusted to them.

Seek Therapy

Time may have muted some of the emotions and issues that arise from being in such a terrible position as a kid. A lawsuit could feel like exposing raw nerves to the air some days until it's concluded. You may be surprised by the feelings that you experience.

Therefore, seeking counseling can restore calmness. Your counselor can help you cope with seeing your abuser in court or living as a survivor.

Holding the abuser responsible in court can be a way of reclaiming your power. Let your child molestation attorney and therapist guide you toward well-earned justice for your past so you can have a freer future.

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