Does An Attorney Have To Take Your Motorcycle Accident Case? What You Need To Know

While it seems like a motorcycle accident will take on every client they can, there are some cases that they will decline. Against popular belief, an attorney is not obligated to take a case unless he or she is a public defender. Many private practicing attorneys will not take a case if they feel it is not worth their time. Here are some of the most common reasons why an attorney may not take your motorcycle accident case:

It is Blatantly Your Fault

If you are the person who is at fault for your accident, most attorneys are willing to fight to defend you. However, if you are blatantly at fault and caused severe damages to yourself or another person, they may not be willing to take your case. For instance, if you were speeding in triple digit miles-per-hour trying to outrun the police and you hit a pedestrian along the way, they may not be willing to defend you. In a case like this, you are not likely going to win. If your case is blatantly your fault, you may have a difficult time finding an attorney.

You Were Not Hurt

If you were not injured or not enough to need medical help, an attorney may not want to take your case. Medical bills are a very strong part of a motorcycle accident case where attorneys can often get money for pain and suffering along with medical expenses. If you have no medical problems, the only thing you could get money for is your damaged property. Some attorneys might work with you if you agree to have a medical work-up done by a doctor to see if you have any sort of injury that were not aware of at the time.

The Other Party is Not Insured

If the other party to the accident is not insured, it may be difficult to find an attorney. Winners of these cases usually get the bulk of their money from the insurer of the party at fault. If the other party had no insurance, you would have to sue them personally. It can take years to get money from these cases unless the person who hit you is independently wealthy. Otherwise, the party at fault could file for bankruptcy and have the claim charged off. This leaves you with no money at all, much like it will for your attorney. An attorney can decline on situations like this if they prefer.

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