3 Simple Ways To Spot Nursing Home Abuse

One of the challenges of leaving your loved one in a nursing home may involve the amount of concern you have for this individual. Even though this person can't remain independent, you may be fearful of this type of facility because of abuse stories you may have heard in the past. Knowing some of the best ways to enable you to spot improper care in a nursing home facility is sure to be to your benefit.

Consider physical changes

One thing you'll want to do is take time to do is physically inspect your loved one. This can help you spot a variety of things that may signal abuse and some of these are below:

1. Bruises – If you see any discoloration on the skin, you'll want to investigate this and look for the cause of the bruising.

2. Scratches – Seeing cuts or scratches on your loved one is sure to be something that can alarm you to the potential of abuse.

3. Broken bones – Reports of any fractured or broken bones is one thing that is an immediate sign of abuse.

Look at financial records

It's possible for a caretaker to steal from your loved one. This can be hard to believe, but this individual may have access to the financial records of this person.

Below are signs of financial abuse:

1. Significant withdrawals in checking or savings accounts.

2. Sudden sales of property that include both land or housing.

3. Transferring a power of attorney over to a worker at the nursing home.

Inquire about sexual abuse

One of the last things you'll want to ever happen to a person you love this type of facility is sexual abuse. This could be one of the most difficult to learn about, and you're sure to want to take legal action if you do hear about this type.

Some of the signs you should look for in this situation include withdrawing from others, and there are many physical indications you'll want to consider, as well.

The primary way to ensure your loved one is being treated appropriately at all times will rest in being on the lookout for various types of abuse. It's important to identify this problem as early as possible to avoid great mental, physical or financial concerns. Be sure to work closely with a nursing home abuse attorney in your area if you find any abuse!

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