Did A Park Visit End In An Ambulance Ride? Call A Lawyer If Negligence Was To Blame

If your child was injured while at a local park because it wasn't properly maintained, and they are now dealing with different injuries related to the incident, you want to find a personal injury lawyer to go over the case. The injury lawyer will quickly be able to determine if there could be a potential lawsuit and settlement for what your family went through, and who was responsible for the injury that took place. Here are some things to think about and remember, as you go to meet with your attorney.

The Park Property Owner has Obligations

It is the responsibility of the city, township, or park property owner to maintain the grounds, if it is available for the public. If they didn't fix a piece of equipment that needed repairing, or didn't maintain the grounds like they needed to, and it cost your child a trip to the emergency room, then you don't want to waste any time getting to a lawyer's office.

Pictures of the Injury and the Equipment

Pictures of the injury are required to show how bad the injury was at the time that it happened. If you didn't get pictures of the equipment and the equipment is still in its poor condition, the lawyer will want to send someone to the park to get photo evidence. If you have photos of the equipment, be sure to provide them to your legal team.

There Can be Backlash

When you go after someone or something in the community, there can be some backlash from the people that live in that area. If you want to get money to pay for the medical bills that have been created from the incident, and you want money for the pain and suffering that you've had to deal with, then you need to be ready to deal with any backlash that may be headed your way.

The injuries could end up costing you thousands of dollars if they don't heal as expected, or if there is an infection or other problems. If your child has suffered injuries that are so bad you had to call for an ambulance to come get them, and it required time in the hospital, you want to reach out to an attorney and not give any statements to the police. Witness information from the accident scene that day and time it happened can also be helpful for your case.

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